Hip Hop for All Ages

Welcome to our Safe House. Revelation Dance Studio(RDS) is an award-winning, premier Hip Hop dance studio located in Plano, TX.  Recently Voted #1 Dance Studio in Plano, TX by consumers, we are passionate about maintaining a family friendly environment where our members enjoy Getting Fit, Having Fun, and Being Funky!

For almost 10 years, our primary product has been, Freedom! We use music and dance to be the vehicle through which our studio family members are able to enjoy free self-expression in very positive and healthy environment. Revelation Dance Studio (RDS) is a place where positive self-expression and individuality is celebrated.

We love dance, but we love even more the life it produces, the atmosphere it creates, and the confidence it builds in individuals. Young or Old, funky or soon to be funky, light or dark complected, music and dance are great equalizers. So put on your dancing shoes, step into the positive energetic atmosphere of RDS, and get your groove on!

 Whether you are looking to simply get in shape personally, have a fun activity for your kids to build confidence and strong social skills, or compete at the highest levels on the national stage…our knowledgeable staff is committed to match you up with the right class to ensure that you reach your goals.

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